FREE Comic Book: Worst About Sports 2nd Edition

My 2nd edition of Worst About Sports can be downloaded for FREE.

A best selling book on what’s Best About Sports wouldn’t be complete without a complementary book on what’s Worst About Sports.

Enjoy my 2nd edition of this popularly downloaded FREE sports comic book because it’s recently been updated.

As I penned in my previous book – Best About Sports – the subject of sports always triggers debate. The same applies here in Worst About Sports.

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Steroids: CBS News’ 60 Minutes Reports on MLB’s Alex Rodriguez Suspension

Alex Rodriguez’s extraordinary baseball talent had earned him his place as the game’s highest paid player.

However, the New York Yankee’s overweening pride cost has him his status as one of the game’s greatest players ever, not to mention his $25 Million salary for the 2014 Major League Baseball season.

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MIKE’s FREE Book Worst in Sports: MLB’s Steroids #1 Pick

My top choice in Worst About Sports shouldn’t be a surprise.

All sports fans should agree that the subject of steroids deserves the number one spot in Worst About Sports.

Steroids or PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) sully sports.

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