Friday Sports Funny: A Really Young Football Team

Regardless of their size and age, really young teams armed with skill and confidence never become intimidated by bigger, stronger and more experienced opponents.

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Trash Talk: Keith Olbermann on Tony Dungy

A new type of trash talk has belched its way onto the American sports scene.

This new form of speech no longer includes Michael Jordan or Larry Bird inspired inventive barbs and testosterone infused smack.

Playful jibber-jabbering by sweaty, competitive athletes like MJ and Bird on the basketball court has now been usurped by more virulent diatribes emanating from the broadcast booth.

Sadly, the trigger happy, biting vilification of anyone, anywhere and at anytime who differs with someone elses’ opinion or fails to align with a set of personal values has become a newer, but worse form of the trash talk. And, its ugliness reeks.

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