Friday Sports Funny: Monkey on Back of Chicago Cubs

Today’s Friday Sports Funny focuses on emancipating the monkey. That’s right. The comic in this blog tells the very simple story. Getting rid of a meddling monkey that has resided on the backs of Chicago Cubs players for more than … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: Ref Swallowed His Whistle

Today’s Friday Sports Funny pokes fun at the old sports cliche – the ref swallowed his whistle. It’s easy to see in this blog’s comic that the screaming coach and the agitated players are incredulous that the ref hasn’t blown … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: A Pitchers’ Duel in Baseball

Today’s Friday Sports Funny perfectly brings to life the commonly used baseball expression – pitchers duel. Just like you’d never see NFL football receivers stop on actual dimes or NBA basketball players literally jump out of the gym, you’d never … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: Team Came Up Short

Today’s Friday Sports Funny recalls a sports cliche all sports fans have used to describe the outcome of a game. Sure, the comic is totally ridiculous, but it’s also pretty funny. The sophomoric depiction brings to life the over-used sports … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: Fickle Fans

This comic demonstrates how fickle fans can be – even the most “faithful” ones.

With time still remaining in the football game, an angry nun, an incredulous priest, a disappointed rabbi and even a bummed out shaman are heading to the stadium exit.

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Friday Sports Funny: Playing in a Hostile Environment

Bottle rockets, barbwire, attacking tank, helicopter warship and swashbuckling pirates paint a foreboding picture in this comic for the visiting, and retreating, Cowboys football team.

Filled with trepidation, the scared Cowboys are running away from their bitter rival Pirates. For the scattering Cowboys, this stadium clearly presents a hostile environment.

Metaphoric hostile environments, like the one in this comic, are found in every sport and at many NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, and FIFA games.

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Friday Sports Funny: She’s Got Ice Water in Her Veins

In the waning moments of big games, when the score is tied and ESPN Sports Center is selecting its key highlights…

NFL and NCAA college football kickers need it.

Clutch free throw shooters on NBA or NCAA college basketball teams require it.

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Friday Sports Funny: Tank McNamara and “Norts Spews”

With a name that perfectly captures his comic strip persona, Tank McNamara barrels into today’s Friday Sports Funny with the “norts spews!” Boasting a 40 year run as a syndicated comic strip character, big mouthed, broad shouldered broadcaster Tank McNamara … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: Celebrating National Hat Day

Today’s Friday Sports Funny blog on the Hat Trick is a no brainer. That’s because jubilant number seven in the blog’s comic has two reasons to celebrate. One – he just slipped another puck passed the goalie and recorded his … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: Ran into a Buzz Saw

In this scary comic, it appears as if the Lions team picked the wrong day to face the Gators.

However, this frightening figurative comic paints a perfect word picture for teams who are not properly prepared to play.

If a team is not ready for its opponent or lets down its guard defensively, the scenario of running into a buzz saw could easily happen in any football game at any level – high school, NCAA or NFL.

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