#TBT World Cup Sports Blog: Montenegro’s The Genius

With a nickname like The Genius, you’d expect to find this former FIFA midfielder leaning over library books or toying with boiling beacons in a university laboratory.

The origin of this brilliant player’s nickname came from his spectacular play on the soccer pitch in Serbia and Montenegro as well as throughout Europe.

Few American sports fans may know Montenegro’s Dejan Savicevic.

But, all European football (soccer) fans, and especially those in northern Italy, carry vivid memories of this fantastic midfielder.

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2 Cent Tuesday: MLS Signs More Aging Euro Stars

Former European stars who’ve recently signed with MLS clubs will discover that his stats are impressive. They’ll learn that from time immemorial, his record remains unblemished. And, quickly, they’ll realize that he’s posted an unrivaled unbeaten record in every sport, … Continue reading