Monday Sports Monologue: Wrigley Field Ivy

Mention Wrigley Field and references to ivy will immediately follow.

Watching a game here will top every baseball fan’s bucket list.

The iconic venue ranks among the most legendary locations in all of sports.

Its cherished reputation softens fans’ frustrations over the losing ways of the franchise that plays there.

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Dippin’ Dots: My Favorite Treat at a Game!

No trip to the ballpark is ever complete without splurging on a cup of Dippin’ Dots for dessert.

For the uninitiated (and foodie famished sports fans out there), let me introduce you to this salivary sensation.

Dippin’ Dots are those awesome tasting, cryogenically frozen ice cream pellets you can only get at a ballpark.

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Monday Sports Monologue: Baseball Statistics

I’m always happy to jump start the work week with some silly sports humor. So, here’s my latest Monday Sports Monologue.

I have employed the ultimate power tool – that glorious device known as the remote control – in order to exercise my God-given right to officially mute all Major League Baseball telecasts.

Now don’t get me wrong on this. You bet I love baseball, but I loathe the litanies of insignificant facts and figures foisted upon me during TV telecasts.

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Monday Sports Monologue: Brazil’s Kaka

American basketball fans have always revered NBA players and have eagerly embraced the game’s singular named stars like today’s LeBron, Kobe and Carmelo as well as yesterday’s Hall of Famers Magic, Michael and Bird.

In the same way, simple nicknames of Brazilian national team players have captivated the Beautiful Game’s die hard followers.

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