MIKE Sports Comic Book: Surprising Sports Favorites

Volume 9 of the MIKE Sports Comic Book Series focuses on my all-time Surprising Sports Favorites. And, they should surprise you, too! My diverse choices are called surprising because they’re not all the typically expected picks for a sports fan’s … Continue reading

Non-sports Sports: NASCAR, Curling, Poker & More

The list is far longer than it needs to be.

It spotlights roaring races, organized parlor games and quirky contests that involve little or no athletes.

Skill and discipline are evidently involved in these competitions, but obviously none of an athletic nature.

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Worst About Sports: “Sports” That Really Aren’t Sports

Calling “sports” sports that really aren’t sports is without question my number one peeve about what’s worst about sports! The list of these non-sports sports is far longer than it needs to be. It spotlights roaring races, organized parlor games … Continue reading

FREE Sports Comic Book: Favorite Non-Athletes

If you’re as rabid a sports fan as me, you’ll agree that sports comprise the best form of entertainment. NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and FIFA games showcase some of the greatest athletes on the planet. But, sports entertainment is more … Continue reading

Non-Sports Sports: NASCAR, Poker, Pool and Curling

Before I pressed “publish” on this blog, I already felt an onslaught of angst directed toward me from NASCAR, poker, pool and curling fans of these non-sports sports!

I’ve braced myself for the avalanche of hate mail and prickly barbs that will soon come my way for the words I’ve just written.

But, someone had to write them. Someone had the express the obvious. And, someone had to take the initiative and expose the egregious coverage on major sports networks that these non-sports sports receive.

Check out the following excerpt from my new sports comic book Confusing Stuff in Sports.

I’m confident you’ll agree, too, that these non-sports sports shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as actual sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey and boxing.

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