On This Day in Sports in 1972 Title IX Became Law

Today’s sports blog recounts the 1972 ground breaking law known as Title IX that changed the landscape of women’s sports in our country. On June 23, 1972 former President Richard M. Nixon signed into law the landmark civil rights legislation … Continue reading

#TBT Sports Blog: US Soccer’s Greatest Women’s Player Mia Hamm

Todays’ #TBT sports blog remembers the greatest American women’s soccer player ever, Mariel Margaret “Mia” Hamm She also kicks off my book at #10 in Favorite Female Athletes. FIFA named Hamm one of the top 125 international football (soccer) players … Continue reading

Retired FIFA Soccer Star Mia Hamm in Best Sports Quotes

“When Mia Hamm touches the ball, you just hold your breath.” ~ Anson Dorrance Mia Hamm’s college coach, Anson Dorrance, spoke these words when describing his former star player. Perhaps the greatest female soccer player ever, Mariel Margaret “Mia” Hamm’s … Continue reading