Friday Sports Funny: NCAA Basketball’s Missed FT Celebration

Today’s Friday Sports Funny lampoons a ridiculous and far too common basketball spectacle. I’ve named the absurd sight the “missed free throw celebration.” College hoops fans witness this sorry scene every time they tune into to watch a game. During … Continue reading

New MIKE on Sports Podcast on Trash Talk

Tough athletes play hard and talk just as tough.

My favorite tough talking athletes are legends Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Joe Namath, Larry Bird and Babe Ruth.

These iconic athletes used their own smattering of smack to gain a psychological edge over opponents. Their brash babble gave them an athletic advantage over rivals and added to their lore as tough, confident competitors.

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Twitter in Sports: New iTunes & Stitcher Radio Podcast

Before the metaphorical twit hits the fan, let me publicly confess that I’ve got some major issues with Twitter. That’s why the topic of Twitter in sports gets a podcast of its own. Click on yellow cover above to listen … Continue reading

Deadly Sports Language: New iTunes Sports Podcast

The deadly language of sports is absolutely lethal. It’s rich with dire references. It overflows with clichés crying out for imminent death. And, it serves as inspiration for today’s sports podcast on iTunes. Click above to listen to the podcast. … Continue reading

MIKE on Sports Podcast: The Zamboni Driver

Driving this clunky ice resurfacing vehicle would satisfy nearly every hockey fan’s fantasy. Hoards of hockey fans have yearned to climb behind the wheel of this tractor and take charge of the ice. The baddest maintenance vehicle in sports with … Continue reading

MIKE on Sports Podcast Now on iTunes

My new MIKE on Sports! podcast is now available on iTunes. The MIKE on Sports! podcast is for every American sports fan who loves to laugh or learn something new about sports. Check out the podcast for clever quips and … Continue reading