MIKE’s FREE Football Comic Book: Telegraphing the Pass

Technology changes so fast that iPhones, iPads and Macs will soon be replaced by newer, faster and more impressive gizmos.

You’d think that popular sports expressions would keep up with changes in the way we communicate, but it’s just not so.

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MIKE’s FREE Football Comic Book: NFL Films’ Immaculate Reception

In 1978, NFL Films called it the greatest football play of all time.

Designed around a two-thousand-year-old miraculous Catholic belief known as the Immaculate Conception, football’s Immaculate Reception marks one of the sport’s most clever plays on words.

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MIKE’s FREE Football Comic Book: Teams Played Tails Off

The mascots’ tails may be missing, but sports fans know that they’ve just watched a great game.

Great games happen when both teams square off in high-scoring, overtime thrillers . . . and play their tails right off.

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MIKE Launches FREE Sports Comic Book on Football Favorites

This FREE MIKE sports comic book is a collection of 25 entertaining football comics.

A little football history accompanies each comic. You’ll learn about the history of the Heisman as well as the Greatest Show on Turf!

You’ll enjoy reading about the brightest new NFL star, RGIII, and the greatest play in NFL history, the Immaculate Reception.

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