Friday Sports Funny: Stole Play from Other Team’s Playbook

Stealing a play out of another team’s playbook helps describe how a team successfully anticipates what its opponent plans to do on the playing field, and then capitalizes on it.

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Friday Sports Funny: A Really Young Football Team

Regardless of their size and age, really young teams armed with skill and confidence never become intimidated by bigger, stronger and more experienced opponents.

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Remembering Reggie White: NFL Minister of Defense

An ordained Evangelical pastor, Reggie White embodied his befitting Minister of Defense nickname. On the football field, he consistently administered defensive pressure. When away from the gridiron, he ministered to inner-city youth and those less fortunate.

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Cheeseheads or Green Bay Packers Fans: Best NFL Nickname

Originally meant as an insult, the Cheesehead nickname now ranks as one of the highest forms of professional football flattery.

In 1987, Chicago Bears fans believed they were mocking Green Bay Packer rivals from the dairy state of Wisconsin.

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MIKE’s FREE Football Comic Book: Hail Mary Pass

Football fans need not be Catholic or able to recite the Hail Mary prayer. It’s easy to understand the Hail Mary Pass.

As if through divine intervention, the Catholic Church’s reference to Mary, the biblical mother of Jesus, cleverly descended from heaven and made itself known on the football field.

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