Friday the 13th Sports Funny: Sudden Death Overtime

Today’s Friday the 13th Sports Funny – Sudden Death Overtime – should prod revelers to get into the spirit of this month’s Halloween celebration. The ominous sounding sports expression – Sudden Death Overtime – is that designated period of time … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: Coach Had to Burn a Time Out

Today’s Friday Sports Funny lampoons the utterly ridiculous. Imagine watching an NFL game on a Sunday afternoon only to witness New Patriots Coach Bill Belichick, Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin or Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett setting fire to their … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: Gut Check Time

Today’s Friday Sports Funny lampoons the old-school sports cliche – Gut Check Time. Every sports fan should be familiar with this old adage which applies to all sports. However, the football related comic in this blog outrageously, depicts the sports … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: Ran Into a Buzz Saw

Today’s Friday Sports Funny lampoons the obvious. My comic brings to life a common, but ridiculously overused sports expression that all of us have been guilty of using. In this comic, the Lions picked the wrong day to face the … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: Play Took Crowd Out of Game

Today’s “Saturday Sports Cliche” features a comic and chapter excerpt from my FREE book Clever Sports Comics.

This comic proves that actions speak louder than words whether on an NFL, NCAA or high school football field.

A fantastic play on the football field not only silenced the crowd in the stands, but ironically removed them entirely from the stadium.

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2 Cent Tuesday: NFL Not as Predictable This Season

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday blog recaps some early surprises in this year’s NFL season. For a seemingly predictable league, this year’s NFL campaign has been anything but predictable. Who’d a thunk that… The vaunted NFL, the prestigious long time media … Continue reading

Favorite NFL & NCAA Football Cliches

During the recent holiday weekend, NFL and NCAA football games dominated sports coverage on television. It was impossible to miss the cliché laden language of those in the broadcast booth covering the games. The announcers’ exaggerated expressions, at times, poetically … Continue reading

FSU’s Jameis Winston Should Play Other Sports

Assured that his knuckleheaded behavior is impervious to nearly all reasonable forms of discipline, Florida State University QB Jameis Winston should focus on other sports, too.

The 2013 Heisman Trophy winner has discovered that his reckless, immature actions away from the gridiron at Florida State aren’t subject to the same flags, fouls, faults, penalties, red cards and ejections that nearly every other college athlete on the planet faces.

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