#TBT Sports Blog: The Fat Lady Sings Podcast

Today’s #TBT sports blog dusts off the clever podcast I recorded a few years ago about one of the most famous women in sports – The Fat Lady. Definitely not an athlete and perennially out of shape, a popular chubby … Continue reading

FREE Favorite Non-Athletes in Sports Book: Refs

You can see them at every game in every sport at every level.

They never actually play in a game, but they’re most deserving of a spot in my FREE sports comic book Favorite Non-Athletes in Sports.

Why? Their presence is absolutely essential.

At #5 in my book, my choice is none other than the guys and gals who preside over games, blow the whistles, make the calls, enforce the rules and enact all the penalties.

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The Heckler: A Favorite Non-Athlete in Sports

Today’s blog is a chapter excerpt taken from my FREE sports comic book Favorite Non-Athletes in Sports.

Because I enjoy his creative antics at games, this big mouthed sports fan is an easy and fun choice for my book.

This big babbler is the guy who plays the role of the annoying fan at games. He’s seen and heard at every pro game in every sport.

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