#TBT Sports Blog: ESPN’s Chris Berman

You don’t need to be a swami to predict this ESPN legend’s inclusion in my new sports comic book Favorite Sportscasters.

Check out this excerpt about one of my top talking heads in sports.

My choice for the #6 spot is arguably one of sports media’s most respected and decorated television broadcasters.

Synonymous with the ESPN brand, Chris Berman started with the then fledgling network way “back…back…back” in 1979.

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NBA All-Star Weekend in Louisiana: Remembering Pistol Pete Maravich

With the NBA all-star game being held in New Orleans this weekend, much is being written about the State of Louisiana’s greatest basketball player ever.

Known simply by one name, Pistol, the late Pete Maravich still entertains basketball fans who fawn over his dazzling shooting, ball handling and passing skills on You Tube highlight reels.

In addition to the splendid piece called Name of the Father written yesterday by Shaun Powell in Sports on Earth, allow me to share an excerpt from my book NCAA Basketball Favorites about college basketball’s all-time leader scorer Pistol Pete Maravich.

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Recent Off-Field Sports Talk Eclipses On-Field Sports News

Of late, the off-field sports news originating from well known athletes has spoken far more loudly than their actual on-field exploits. Instead of great plays by great athletes capturing ESPN Sports Center highlights, chippy chatter, crazy conspiracy theories, inane attempts … Continue reading

Chris Berman’s Bold ESPY 2011 Prediction (Satire)

(Satire) ESPN’s Bob Ley and Stuart Scott are smiling. Their legendary broadcasting buddy, Chris Berman, stepped way “outside the lines” this morning on my sports television talk show with a bold prediction. Booyah! Commenting on last night’s ESPY Awards in … Continue reading

Football’s Instant Replay

Football’s instant replay is anything but instant. Seems like you can read all 1,990 pages of President Obama’s new Health Care Reform Bill…twice…faster than it takes a ref to acknowledge a challenging coach’s red flag, run over to the sidelines, … Continue reading