#TBT Sports Blog: Boston Sports Icon “Big Papi” David Ortiz

Stepping up to the plate in the #8 spot in my FREE sports comic book Boston Sports Icons is Boston Red Sox “Big Papi” David Ortiz. “Big Papi” is also the feature of today’s #TBT sports blog. The nickname “Papi” … Continue reading

#TBT Sports Blog: Boston Red Sox Carl Yastrzemski

Today’s #TBT sports blog looks back on Carl Yastrzemski – one of the top 10 Major League Baseball players ever. He was simply known as Yaz. He’s also #7 in my FREE sports comic book Boston Sports Icons. Yaz proved … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: Fans Are On Their Feet

Much like diehards from Boston, Oklahoma City, Green Bay and Munich, this comic captures similar enthusiasm.

A figurative family of fans – box, portable, ceiling and oscillating – are all on their feet rooting on their favorite home team.

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Happy Father’s Day: FREE Sports Comic Book

Wishing every dad a Happy Fathers Day by offering the 2nd edition of my FREE sports comic book Best About Sports. The fun book will confirm that the subject of sports always triggers debate. Pick a star player, celebrate a … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny Features Cheers’ Sam Malone

Today’s Friday Sports Funny features fictional Boston Red Sox late inning reliever Sam Mayday Malone. If Italian Stallion “Rocky” Balboa is every movie fan’s favorite boxer, then Sam “Mayday” Malone must be every television viewer’s most popular relief pitcher. In … Continue reading

A Fitting Sendoff for New York Yankees Derek Jeter

Yesterday proved to be a most fitting sendoff for New York Yankees Derek Jeter.

And, I’m not referring to Jeter’s third inning RBI infield single during his last Major League Baseball plate appearance.

My final memory of Derek Jeter in a baseball uniform will be the beautifully odd way a bitter adversary and its fan base sent off one of its hated divisional rivals’ legendary players.

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Big Papi, Big Boasts, Big MLB Baby!

Last week Boston Red Sox fans clucked when retired icon Carl Yastrzemski called current designated hitter David Ortiz the second best hitter in franchise history.

Yaz’s claim that Ortiz’s hitting prowess should be ranked above him and only behind the legendary Splendid Splinter Ted Williams surprised most baseball purists

However, no one outside New England with any knowledge of America’s pastime would argue if any MLB player, retired or current, would refer to Ortiz as baseball’s, and not just the Boston Red Sox’s, biggest blowhard.

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100 Years Ago Babe Ruth Makes MLB Debut

100 years ago today the iconic Sultan of Swat, Babe Ruth, debuted as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox versus the Cleveland Naps.

Who would have known that a century later Babe Ruth would still be memorialized as Major League Baseball’s one time home run king and most famous, and perhaps, best player ever. Here’s a chapter excerpt from my sports comic comic about the legendary Sultan of Swat.

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An MLB Joke: Big Papi vs. David Price “Brawl”

There are times when baseball totally confuses me.

The sport’s preoccupation with statistics, oddball injuries, unwritten rules, quirky traditions and abnormally long games flummox me.

However, the recent rash of media coverage surrounding the supposed “brawl” between Boston’s David Ortiz and Tampa Bay’s David Price has caused my baseball cup of angst to boil over.

Baseball rhubarbs are just another totally confusing and absolutely irritating thing to add to our American pastime’s vexing scorecard.

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