Friday Sports Funny: Coach Pleading Case with Umpire

Today’s Friday Sports Funny depicts the obvious as a baseball coach is frantically pleading his case with an umpire. In spite of the large LCD screen in the background showing a clear replay of what just transpired on the field, … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: Spitting in Baseball

Today’s Friday Sports Funny – spitting in baseball – is a major league problem. While watching last night’s game on television, I became appalled by the disgusting discharges emanating from eminent Major League Baseball players. Their spit seriously sullied my … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: A Pitchers’ Duel in Baseball

Today’s Friday Sports Funny perfectly brings to life the commonly used baseball expression – pitchers duel. Just like you’d never see NFL football receivers stop on actual dimes or NBA basketball players literally jump out of the gym, you’d never … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: The Runner Was Caught Napping

Today’s Friday Sports Funny focuses on the old baseball cliche “the runner was caught napping.” I always enjoy bringing old, but easily recognized sports cliches to life in clever comics. And, today is no different. One of our illustrators nailed … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday: Stop the Spitting in Baseball

The cheeky comic below may make your toes scrunch, but it speaks volumes about a vile habit that remains unchecked in America’s favorite pastime. It started way back in the 1800’s when baseball first blossomed and chewing tobacco was all … Continue reading

The Big Unit Randy Johnson Elected in 2015 Baseball HOF

Along with Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz and Craig Biggio, The Big Unit Randy Johnson was elected yesterday into Baseball’s Class of 2015 Hall of Fame. With 534 out of a possible 549, or 97.3% of the Baseball Writers Association of … Continue reading

#TBT Sports Blog: MLB Hit King Pete Rose

On August 24, 2014 Major League Baseball records will reluctantly reveal that on that date 25 years ago Pete Rose was formally banished from America’s favorite pastime.

It’s hard to imagine that so many years have passed since that fateful day when MLB commissioner Angelo Bartlett “Bart” Giamatti banned the game’s all-time hits leader for life.

Recently, Rose has made headlines once again and has asked for forgiveness for his gambling transgressions because he wants back in the game he loves.

In today’s #TBT sports blog, I choose to acknowledge Pete Rose for the incredible player he was during his 24 years in Major League Baseball. So, I’ll let baseball fans and media critics argue whether or not baseball’s all-time hit king should be reinstated.

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Sports Cliche: Ain’t Over Til Fat Lady Sings

Have you ever stopped to think about the ridiculous sports cliché, “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings?” Well, I have… plenty of times. This totally insensitive and seemingly inexplicable expression has always bugged me, and now begs me … Continue reading