Steroids and PED’s Sully Sports

SteroidsSteroids and PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) sully sports.

Sadly, steroids and PED’s tip the scales of fair play in favor of those who cheat for a competitive edge.

PED use will subconsciously rob these same cheaters of the joy of their unmerited riches, successes and rewards inappropriately earned from lapses in judgment when seeking competitive shortcuts.

Just ask two of the greatest Major League Baseball players ever – home run king Barry Bonds and seven time Cy Young Award winning pitcher Roger Clemens.

Both players posted Hall of Fame numbers during their lengthy and storied MLB careers . However, their checkered pasts due to purported PED usage will always add an asterisk to their names when discussions surface concerning iconic players and Hall of Fame worthiness.

More importantly, steroid cheats are actually the ones being cheated.

Steroids and PED’s may make them a better athlete today, but PED’s may more than likely cheat them of a healthy body in the future.

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Athletes who secretly excelled because of banned juices, pills, creams and syringes could openly face severe health issues in the future for their foolish dependence in their past on restricted PED’s.

Guys who crave the extra muscles today may prematurely loose their vision and require a microscope to identify their shrunken anatomy tomorrow.

Ladies who desire a physical advantage today to compete need to consider whether they never again want to be the subject of desire tomorrow because they’ll soon have body and beard like Bridezilla.

So, don’t be a knucklehead.

The price of taking steroids you will pay tomorrow will never be worth the cost of taking steroids today.

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