Remembering Reggie White: NFL Minister of Defense

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In yesterday’s blog, I reported on an iconic NFL offensive player who became the league’s first ever 2,000 yard rusher in a single season.

It’s only fitting today that move to the other side of the ball and remember one of the NFL’s greatest defensive players ever. He’s featured in both my FREE football comic book as well as my best selling book cleverly named Spiritual Sports Favorites.

During his 15-year career, the imposing defensive lineman known as the Minister of Defense delivered his football version of a fire and brimstone sermon. In his case, he demonstrated the message in the way he dominated opposing offenses.

An ordained Evangelical pastor, Reggie White embodied his befitting Minister of Defense nickname. On the football field, he consistently administered defensive pressure. When away from the gridiron, this former Green Bay Packer defensive lineman ministered to inner-city youth and those less fortunate. rated White as the #7 NFL player of all-time, and his storied career validates the lofty choice.

Sadly, the Minister of Defense answered to a heavenly calling when he passed away prematurely from a respiratory disease in 2004.

For this remarkable player who impacted others both on and off the football field, NFL fans can all say, “Amen.”

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