Friday Sports Funny: Ref Swallowed His Whistle

MRO 34 Ref Swallowed WhistleToday’s Friday Sports Funny pokes fun at the old sports cliche – the ref swallowed his whistle.

It’s easy to see in this blog’s comic that the screaming coach and the agitated players are incredulous that the ref hasn’t blown his whistle. This could easily happen in a FIFA, MLS, NCAA or biddy soccer league match.

No one seems to happy with the official’s failure to make a call. Well, that’s because the guy is gasping for breath as his whistle is precariously lodged in his throat.

However, the question begs.

Why isn’t anyone on the soccer pitch offering to perform the Heimlich maneuver on the choking ref?

Let’s all agree that regardless of the sport, referees take lots of heat for the impossible roles they perform. Much to our chagrin, they just can’t make every right call every time they officiate a game.

That’s why fans routinely hoot, heckle and holler at refs, whether they’re commenting court side, from the upper deck, at a sports bar or even from their own living rooms.

This clever comic brings to life the popular sports adage the ref swallowed his whistle. It captures the accusation that a ref intentionally swallowed his whistle during a key play in the match.

This soccer illustration metaphorically proves a point.

The actions of the soccer players should decide the outcome of a close game – not a really bad call from an overzealous ref who really should have swallowed his whistle in the first place.

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