Ref Bumping FSU QB Jameis Winston Should Play Other Sports Too

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Assured that his behavior is nearly impervious to all reasonable forms of discipline, Florida State University QB Jameis Winston should focus on other sports, too.

The 2013 Heisman Trophy winner has discovered that neither his pushing of an ACC official this weekend nor his numerous reckless, immature actions away from the gridiron at Florida State aren’t subject to the same flags, fouls, faults, penalties, red cards and ejections that nearly every other college athlete on the planet faces.

Winston may have faced a paltry one game suspension earlier this season against ACC rival Clemson, but that’s peanuts compared to the discipline he’d face at other universities more concerned about the conduct of their athletes and reputations of their schools.

NFL officiating guru Mike Piereira and ESPN’s officiating expert both agreed that Winston should have been penalized and ejected for making contact with an official during his team’s close win over Boston College.

Even New York Post columnist Zach Braziller agreed and noted that the NCAA should suspend Winston for his ill-advised action to demonstrate that the FSU QB is not above the game.

But, once again, Winston skated away without a scratch.

That’s why Winston should broaden his horizons to other athletic endeavors at FSU where he could also be a star, while remaining oblivious to the lines on the field and boundaries away from them that his peers must respect and play within.

Based on the shameful, mollycoddled way FSU officials have treated Winston, the star QB should definitely play other sports.

In the spring, he should play more baseball for the Seminoles – because he’d probably never strike out.

He should also pick up tennis between baseball games – because he could double or triple fault on each serve and FSU officials would allow him to serve again.

Winston should take up golf too – because I’m certain that FSU would equip him with a pocket full of mulligans for all 18 holes.

He should definitely try hockey – because FSU boosters would immediately lock the penalty box door whenever he skated by.
He must try basketball – because it would be impossible for him to foul out of a game.

And, the teflon QB should give the high jump a shot – because Florida State will never the set the bar high enough for him to miss an attempt.

Sure, Winston has apologized to his teammates and FSU fans for his inappropriate conduct. But, who now actually thinks this self-absorbed, reckless kid will ever learn?

He may have mentioned that he’s already purposed to overcome the adversity that he’s caused. However, the tone deaf athlete still needs to unplug his ears and start marching to the beat of a different drummer.

Otherwise, he may never be able to play a sport again, not even football, for Florida State.

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