2 Cent Tuesday: NFL Two Minute Warning a Football Oxymoron

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog unmasks the NFL two minute warning as another football oxymoron.

Like instant replay, the painfully protracted final two minutes of an NFL game fails to live up to its simple description.

Calling this game ending sliver of time a two minute warning is anything but a 120 second admonition.

If you believe this football expression, I’m certain you also bought swampland in Florida, time share in the Pocono Mountains and a pet rock from a salesman named Slick.

Any sane football fan knows that the final two minutes of a game takes at least twenty minutes, or more.

Calling it a two minute warning is a slap in the face to anyone who takes time keeping seriously. This football oxymoron is a complete travesty.

Two Minute Warning in FootballThe play clock will seem as if it’s stuck at times during the final two minutes of an NFL contest. Coaches’ challenges, intentional QB groundings and endless booth reviews will choke the life out of it.

The Final 2 Minutes of any NFL Game is an Eternity

The final two minutes of an NFL seem to last an eternity when masterful clock manipulators like Russell Wilson, Tom Brady and Joe Flacco have the ball in their hands. They can squeeze precious extra minutes out of a handful of seconds and extend a televised Sunday afternoon game all the way into the 60 Minutes time slot.

Corporations should hire these NFL All-Pro QBs to teach efficient time management to their companies.

So be forewarned when any NFL sportscaster announces the two minute warning because it’s the ultimate football oxymoron.

Plenty more can still happen in the game, and trust me, it certainly won’t happen in 120 seconds! And that’s my 2 cents!

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