Friday Sports Funny: Unwritten Rules in Sports

Unwritten RulesToday’s Friday Sports Funny examines the two schools of thought relating to unwritten rules in sports.

Some fans love unwritten rules.

They revere them as time honored traditions that compliment the black and white regulations permanently etched in rule books.

Other sports fans like me revile them. We dismiss them as quirky superstitions and loosely interpreted gentleman’s agreements.

That’s why I recorded today’s podcast to let others know exactly how I feel about unwritten rules in sports.

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Sure, breaking them is not illegal. But, unreasonable zealots claim that any unwritten rule transgression is both highly unethical & totally appalling.

However, a legitimate argument can be made that if unwritten rules are so important to be followed, then they should be written down.

In indelible ink!

In government, we don’t have unwritten rules of law. Otherwise, we’d have anarchy.

In physics, we don’t have the unwritten rule of gravity. If we did, planes would be falling out of the sky and a lot of people would get killed.

So, why on earth do we tolerate unwritten rules in sports?

If rules aren’t written down, then expect athletes to break them – repeatedly.

That’s right. Some jocks will totally disregard time honored traditions.

That’s exactly why rules in sports must be written down and chronicled forever. Yes, brow beaten into the hearts and minds of those who play, officiate, coach, report on or attend actual games.

Let’s rid the sports world of the anathema of unwritten rules – like:

…in football, explain to defenders that they can’t pile on Greg Schiano style when a team is talking a knee once the outcome of a game appears to have been decided.

… in hockey, make sure only Stanley Cup Champions know they can actually touch the Prince of Wales Trophy.

…in golf, instruct duffers to replace all divots, keep quiet when others are putting or driving, stand away from the pin and rake the sand traps they walk in.

…in basketball, tell a ball handler to dribble out the clock at the end of a game when his team has a 10 point lead.

…and, in baseball, now they lead all sports in unwritten rules, players need to know that they cannot:

* stand in the batter’s box admiring a home run and embarrass the pitcher.

* discuss a no-hitter in the making. Now, that’s sacrilegious!

* or pull an A-Rod and trot across the pitcher’s mound after just flying out.

OK, you get it!

Something has GOT to be done – fast!

Write down all the rules NOW!

Otherwise, sports will have more unwritten rules than actual written down ones and no body will know what the heck is goin’ on out there!

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