Friday Sports Funny: Keep Politics Out of Sports


Today’s Friday Sports Funny dusts off one of my original MIKE on Sports! iTunes podcasts.

It’s titled: Keep Politics Out of Sports!

You see. I’m a sports guy, not a political pundit.

I’m also a firm believer that it’s our responsibility as fans to keep politics out of the sports world.

Sports should always be fun and should never involve political talk. Otherwise, it just gets ugly fast.

Watching great athletes and big games we love must remain an escape from our daily grind.

There must never be any meddling from muckrakers or well intentioned athletes lobbying for our vote or public sentiment.

I deplore protests, prepared statements and any kind of political platform at sports events. And, I consider the American flag a unifier of our great nation, never to be trod upon, defamed, burned or disrespected.

As a Sports Fan I Just Want to Watch the Game

As a sports fan, I just want to watch players play and not witness them plead, pimp or pander to my emotions or sense of duty.

Sports should always evoke passion directed at our favorite team, and NOT instigate angst toward a pompous politician or a controversial social issue.

That’s why prognosticating on politics makes me a little persnickety.

MIKE on sports podcastClick on the yellow cover to listen to this podcast.

I’m passionate about keeping sports fun and that means keeping politics out of the games. That’s why I recorded this cheeky podcast on iTunes.

It’s meant to be clever and light-hearted and aimed at directing our attention away from this month’s election and refocusing our energy on the games we love.

Let’s leave politics to the Republicans and Democrats to duke it out.

Then, an Independent Republicrat like me can focus on college basketball and football polls (chuckling) instead of the latest political straw poll.

So, subscribe to the podcast. Share it with a friend. Then, rate and review me.

And, let’s keep politics out of sports!

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MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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