Yesterday’s NFL Results: Another Nail in Coffin for Some Teams

MRO 28 Nail in CoffinFollowing yesterday’s NFL games, the proverbial nail was driven deeper into the figurative coffins of the Texans, Bucs, Browns, Jags, Giants, Falcons, Raiders and Redskins.

Although these underachieving teams may be disappointed with their 2013 performance, their victors can be found celebrating as well as soon preparing for the imminent NFL Playoffs.

It might sound insensitive or morbid, but when it comes to football, driving a nail into a coffin can be a really good thing. Metaphorically speaking, that is, for the winning team.

This comic picks up on a scene common to NFL games, especially when self-promoting wide receivers find pay dirt late in a game.

As the receiver celebrates, teammates in the background are literally hammering big nails into an extra large coffin belonging to the opposing team.

Apparently, this football player’s actions, combined with the lopsided score, indicate that the last touchdown produced a death knell.

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