Top 25 Series

Top 25 Series 

In my Top 25 series, I shares my top 25 picks in each of these books: Favorite Sports Nicknames, Favorite Single Named Athletes, Favorite Sports Comics, Best About Sports and Worst About Sports.

All of the books include my unique take on the featured athlete name, comic, event, team or play and come with a clever sports comic to bring my opinion to life.

Throughout this series, you’ll read about NFL, NBA, MLB, FIFA, NHL, Olympic and NCAA stars seen on ESPN and be able to buy your favorite hat, shirt, jersey or sports memorabilia of your favorite athlete or team.

Enjoy the books.

Favorite Sports NicknamesFavorite Sports Nicknames.

Each chapter includes not only a little history of my favorite nickname, but also comes with its own unique and clever comic.

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Footer SportsFavorite Single Named AthletesVolume 2 in my Top 25 Series features my all-time favorite single named athletes.

Each chapter includes a little history on iconic stars like Babe, Tiger, Bird, Kobe, Serena, Sweetness, Peyton, Yogi, Wilt and Pele.

Plus, a clever comic captures each individual single named athlete.

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Footer FootballFavorite Sports ComicsVolume 3 in my Top 25 Series features my all-time favorite sports comic collection. In this book, I’ve compiled a new collection of comics. None of these have appeared in any of my previous books.

These comics were illustrated for any fan who loves to laugh and has a passion for sports.

The sports comics in this book, along with the brief corresponding stories, cover the entire gamut in sports. They bring to life commonly used sports clichés and ridiculous expressions that we use to describe a team, a play or a game.

In this book, you’ll see the old, the trite, the over-used and the outrageous. Laugh at the saber wielding pitchers as they duel it out on a pitcher’s mound. Watch football defenders as they flail helplessly back on their stiletto heels. See the school bus of winners drive vanquished opponents to school.

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Best About SportsVolume 4 in my Top 25 Series includes my favorite all-time choices of what I believe are best about sports. The book is FREE.

Names and teams, stadiums and sports, plus sights, sounds and smells in sports are all represented in this book, and each is reflected in its own individual comic..

Remember, it’s my book! My opinion. My prerogative. My top 25. Enjoy!

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Footer BasketballWorst About SportsA best selling book on my top 25 picks on what’s Best About Sports wouldn’t be complete without a complementary book on my top 25 choices on what’s Worst About Sports.

As I penned in my previous book – Best About Sports – the subject of sports always triggers debate.

Pick a player, celebrate a team or remember a championship moment, regardless of the sport, and I guarantee that a lively discussion will quickly follow.

In a relative’s living room, at a neighborhood bar or around the office water cooler, the mere mention of a certain player or team will instantaneously ignite colorful conversation and more than likely ruffle some one’s feathers.

Sports fans not only articulate what they like about an athlete, a team or a game, but they also love to pontificate about what they abhor about them.

We can all agree that it’s our constitutional right, privilege and duty to vent over what we don’t like in the arena of sports just as much as we celebrate what we do like about sports.

I, for one, feel it’s my obligation to speak up and share about those players, teams, mascots, sounds or situations in sports that stoke my personal embers of distaste. And, probably like you, I’ve accumulated my own list of the top 25 things that agitate me the most.

In Worst About Sports, you’ll probably agree with some universally irritating dis-likes that figure prominently on my list. They include spitting in baseball, grunting in tennis, stoppage time in soccer, non-sport sports like NASCAR, the supposed Olympic sport of curling and the once mega-rich, but now retired, broke athletes.

However, some entries that squeezed into my top 25 Worst About Sports may surprise you, but they disturb me nonetheless and have warranted a chapter in my book. They include Twitter, steroids, tattoos, adjusting the fellas, Kobe’s constant beefing and the University of Notre Dame’s leprechaun mascot.

Remember, this is my book chronicling my collection of the top 25 things I find Worst About Sports. It’s a reservoir of my very own personal sports induced angst.

The book overflows with my very own vituperative views on things I don’t like in sports. These are my opinions and my personal picks.

If you disagree and want to share what and who irks you in the world of sports, then email me at

Otherwise, enjoy the book.

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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Footer BoxingMost Famous Numbers in Sports

Coming Fall 2015.

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