MIKE Launches New Sports Comic Book on Spiritual Sports Favorites on Amazon

Here’s the intro from my latest ebook available on Amazon about my all-time spiritual sports favorites.

Each of my favorites in the book begins with a clever and unique comic and follows with inventive takes on Amen Corner, Pigeon Heaven, Touch Down Jesus, the Immaculate Reception and others.

Enjoy the intro and click here to buy the book on Amazon.

…..from MIKE’s Top 10 Series intro on Spiritual Sports Favorites:

Spiritual Sports Favorites may seem like a very odd title for a sports comic book.

However, humor me, or better yet, light a candle in prayer or begin a fast for me – especially if you consider this clever book on spiritual expressions, names, plays, places and people in the world of sports to be sacrilegious.

You don’t need supernatural understanding or divine inspiration to enjoy my creative take on ten references that inhabit the spiritual landscape of sports.

Sure, there may be only one chapter title in this book that references God. Even that is a bit of a stretch.

Secondly, there may be only one reference to a ghost, a few references to priests and not a single one to rabbis, monks, mullahs or nuns to be found anywhere in the book.

However, Spiritual Sports Favorites is comprised of several chapters on miracles which should make all spiritual sports fans smile. You’ll find an improbable hockey victory, a divine catch in an NFL playoff game and a desperate forward pass that requires prayer and plenty of faith to complete.

The stories may not transport you up to heaven for a classic battle in the clouds or down to hell for a fierce tussle amongst smoldering fire and brimstone.

Instead, this book pays homage to light-hearted anecdotes and ethereal stories that capture how we sometimes view sports through a spiritual lens.

You don’t need to be a Bible thumping evangelical to understand my unique spiritual observations.

Neither will you need to consult with a rabbi, priest, mullah or shaman to appreciate my off-beat take on sports.

No need to light that candle or begin that fast. Just enjoy meditating on my all-time 10 best Spiritual Sports Favorites.

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!



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