2014 World Cup: Argentina’s Lionel Messi


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No one disputes that this tiny Argentine is the greatest soccer player in the world.

Lionel Messi’s collection of four Ballon d’Or Trophies for FIFA Player of the Year testifies to why #10 is the most watched player in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

International football fans will place him under the microscope again today as Messi battles a rugged Swiss side. Though seemingly held in check for most of Argentina’s first three matches against Nigeria, Iran and Bosnia and Herzagovina, the amazing striker effortlessly scored 4 goals. He instantly sprung to life when his squad needed him most.

With Messi, a simple pedestrian match can instantly turn electric with just one touch from his golden boots. The tiny athlete can brilliantly spring into action from anywhere at any time on the pitch.

That’s why he acquired the unusual nickname the Atomic Flea.

Some soccer fans may not like Lionel Messi’s nickname. They’ll argue that Atomic Flea is an odd and uncomplimentary combination of words to describe this brilliant 5’6” and 150 lb. FC Barcelona striker.

Because of his short stature, sudden burst of speed and pesky ability to consistently break through defenders to find the back of the net, Lionel Messi embodies the unique Atomic Flea nickname given to him by adoring FC Barcelona fans.

Just like the tiny insect for which he is named, this human Atomic Flea is as agile and capable of springing into action with uncommon speed that belies a smallish stature.

Messi’s effortless, explosive (or atomic) flea-like flittering, darting and maneuvering through helpless defenders on the soccer pitch makes for a perfectly unique sports moniker.

Born in Rosario, Argentina, Messi joined FC Barcelona in 2003 at age 16. He quickly advanced with the organization. During his sensational soccer career with Barca, he has amassed unparalleled individual and team accomplishments for a footballer who has probably still not reached his prime years in the sport.

A five-time La Liga Champion in Spain, Lionel Messi has won three UEFA Champions League titles and brought home an Olympic gold medal in 2008 from Beijing while representing his native Argentina.

Would-be defenders on the soccer pitch may find the tiny, but powerful, Lionel Messi to be an external parasite who feeds off their inability to stop him. On the pitch, the ball appears attached by a string to Messi’s feet. Plus, his delicate, pin point, one-touch passes glide unobstructed through the narrowest of openings.

Obviously, this pint-sized Argentine prodigy makes a mockery of the misperception that “bigger is always better” in sports. The 5’6” footballer Messi proves that size doesn’t really matter.

Messi’s indomitable spirit has driven him to the height of soccer excellence.

That’s why global football fans adore this tiny, wingless center forward who always seems to wisp through wallowing amazes of would-be tacklers.

Lionel Messi seems to take a bite out of the back of the net every time he flitters onto the soccer field.

Today, let’s see if the brilliant Messi can continue his incomparable ways and lead Argentina deeper into the World Cup tournament by helping defeat Switzerland today.

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