#TBT Sports Blog: Former NHL Embalmer Alf Pike

Former NHL player Alf PikeToday’s #TBT sports blog takes a look back into the NHL at former New York Rangers’ player Al Pike.

Most hockey fans who did not know Alfred Pike would think he was just a goon or on the ice because of his creepy nickname.

The New York Ranger was called The Embalmer.

During the off-season, this NHL player worked as a licensed mortician preparing the dead for burial.

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Deadly Sports StuffNow, back to Alf Pike.

The talented and likeable Alf Pike spent his entire sports career with the New York Rangers organization.

Because of the Embalmer’s versatility on the ice, Pike skated in three different positions for the Rangers: center, defenseman and left wing. Playing three totally different positions on a professional hockey team made him a rare talent.

The Embalmer’s career highlight came in 1940. His play was instrumental in the Rangers winning the Stanley Cup Championship against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Hockey is a popular violent sport where bullying defensemen use big hits to metaphorically bury their opponents on the ice. Yet, the likeable Alf Pike literally buried people while away from the ice.

Pike helped the deliveries of the recently deceased to their final resting places. In doing so, he bore one of the sports world’s all-time best fitting nicknames – The Embalmer.

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