MIKE’s FREE NBA Sports Comic Book – Second Release

MIKE Vol 3 FREE NBABack by popular demand is MIKE’s second release of the FREE NBA sports comic book on retired and current NBA players and teams.

In every chapter, MIKE shares a bit of history behind each comic and offer readers the opportunity to purchase a jersey, hat or sports memorabilia of their favorite team or player.

Enjoy the NBA comics. Memories of what they stand for will have you admiring, pondering, laughing, wincing and, in some cases, scratching.

Here’s why . . . .

You’ll want to immediately scratch some body part when you read about one of the NBA’s most accomplished – but irritating – defenders known as The Rash.

You’ll wince while recalling the recklessness of a ridiculously wayward team, The Jailblazers, and the thuggery of an NBA Championship Team’s center called His Heinous.

You’ll revel in memories of the Los Angeles entertainment juggernaut The Showtime Lakers and laugh when remembering Chocolate Thunder’s female interest from Planet Lovetron.

But there’s more.

Admire the consistent delivery on the basketball court of Karl The Mailman Malone and marvel how the immensely athletic Doctor J operated with a ball, rather than a scalpel, in his hand.

Get seasick thinking about Hakeem Olajuwon’s Dream Shake and wax nostalgic ruminating assorted Signature Shots like The Sky Hook, The Finger Roll, The Fade Away and The Step Back Jumper.

Shake your head trying to understand how a 5’3” guard named Muggsy could possibly play the same sport as the 7’1” Big Shamrock.

Ponder what all basketball fans missed by never witnessing this Helicopter play in the NBA.

Gush over the brilliance of Magic and the dominance of The King.

You may go mad remembering how one of Vinsanity’s insane, last second shots beat your team.

And, you’ll probably get agitated recalling how the NBA Playoff heroics of Bird, LeBron, Durant, Magic or Kobe eliminated your favorite squad.

So, before The Black Mamba bites you or The Microwave heats up in a hurry, check out this book.

It’s funny and, better yet, it’s FREE!

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

Download MIKE’s FREE NBA Sports Comic Book!

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