Friday Sports Funny: Time to Step Up

MRO 18 Time to Step Up

Today’s Friday Sports Funny brings to life the widely used sports cliche “time to step up!”

Whether you call it crunch time or gut check time, no explanation is necessary for this cliche.

All sports fans know that at critical junctures, a team needs to step up their game.

When there’s a huge championship trophy at stake, players need to rise up to meet the challenge. That’s when they embrace the time to step up.

It doesn’t matter if the crucial moment arrives during an NFL, NCAA or high school football game. Fans and players always understand how vital it is to marshal every bit of energy and will power.

If they want to climb the steep stairs to claim the championship trophy, winning football teams will always step up to the challenge.

I love how the old school coach wearing a fedora is exhorting his players to step up by pointing to the red trophy at the top of the long staircase.

Somehow, I believe his players will ultimately step up and succeed.

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