Friday Sports Funny: Stole Play from Other Team’s Playbook

MRO 43 Stole PlayToday’s Friday Sports Funny lampoons the tiresome cliche of a player who stole a play out of the other team’s playbook.

The image in this comic isn’t a reference to New England Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick’s famous “Spygate” scandal. It’s a football figure of speech and not a reference to actual thievery.

Stealing a play out of another team’s playbook helps describe how a team successfully anticipates what its opponent plans to do on the playing field, and then capitalizes on it.

You don’t need to be a Bandit like the one in this comic in order to metaphorically steal the other team’s plays.

Stealing a play (figuratively) can happen in any NFL or NCAA game.

You just need to be a smart and savvy football player who knows his competition well and anticipates their next move.

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