MIKE’s FREE Football Comic Book: Blanket Coverage

MRO 94 Blanket Coverage copyHere’s another excerpt from my FREE football comic book

When it comes to blanket coverage, this free football comic might never make an ESPN highlight, but it would sure make NFL all-pro defensive back Darrelle Revis proud.

As evidenced by his Revis Island nickname, Tampa Bay Buccaneer corner back Darrelle Revis may be the most talented individual cover defender in the NFL.

The age old football cliché blanket coverage reminds fans of frustrated NFL wide receivers struggling to get open on the limited football field real estate.

When it comes to football’s blanket coverage, this old cliche is still a fitting one that all fans understand. Plus, it’s an ageless expression that #7 is certain to find out first hand when he’s smothered by the defender’s red argyle blanket.

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