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MIKE Comic 52 Broad Street BulliesPhiladelphia has routinely furnished the sports media world with front page fodder. Historically, the city’s fans and professional teams have been deemed by many as the worst in sports.

It’s only fitting that Philadelphia sports finds its rightful place in a book titled Worst About Sports.

From the NBA’s most hapless team the 1972-3 76ers, to the NHL’s most polarizing franchise the 1970-6 Flyers…..

From the Phillies fan’s silly sex for World Series tickets scheme in 2009, to the debatable Eagles’ signing of Michael Vick…..

From the senseless boneheads cheering a seriously injured Michael Irvin in 1989, to the cowardly cops’ tasering a teenager running onto the field at a 2010 Phillies game…..

…..Philadelphia has routinely earned its sports reputation as irrational, unruly, and at times, repugnant.

As memories waned of the spring 2011 intentional vomiting incident during a Phillies game, American sports fans have reason to continue piling on Philadelphia sports long after the final whistles blow.

In fall 2011, Philadelphia sports once again made national news thanks to back-up QB Vince Young. Fans outside Philadelphia immediately directed their ire against the City of Brotherly Love when Young referred to his new Eagle squad as the Dream Team.

Young’s innocuous comment served as bulletin board material for opposing Eagles fans and teams throughout the 2011 NFL campaign. The Eagles, and more specifically Young, quickly learned that his Dream Team quip became an ongoing nightmare for the rest of the year as the Eagles struggled mightily.

Already universally maligned, Philadelphia sports didn’t need any additional reasons to be disparaged.

With an avalanche of angst directed against them for the Dream Team comment, Philadelphia sports suffered front page sports shame again.

Now, sports fans across the country are only left to wonder (or secretly anticipate) what callous, uncalled for occurrence will happen next involving City of Brotherly Love fans or teams.

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