Worst About Sports: Missed Free Throw Celebration

missed foul shot

Teammates congratulate shooter who missed free throw

One of the worst sights in all of sports is the ridiculous spectacle that I call the “missed free throw celebration.”

I actually devote an entire chapter to this travesty in my FREE sports comic book called Worst About Sports.

Incredulously, we witness this “poor shooting party” whenever we watch an NBA, NCAA, high school or biddy league basketball game.

Just tune into ESPN this weekend, and I guarantee you’ll to see countless “missed free throw celebration.”

These “failed free throw festivities” occur whenever basketball players enthusiastically approach their brick-laying, free throw shooting teammate. They oddly congratulate him with high fives and generous pats to the butt after he just clanged an important freebie from 15 feet.

Doesn’t anybody else on the planet find this behavior ridiculous?

Why don’t ESPN announcers decry the dreadful display of celebrating ineptitude whenever a shooter misses a gimme from the charity stripe? Instead, they claim there’s a mysterious lid on the basket.

Imagine if MLB infielders sprint to the pitcher’s mound to bask in the embarrassment of a pitcher immediately after his last fast ball wound up 450’ away in the center field stands?

And, what if NFL players party-hearty with their team’s running back after he coughs up the football in the red zone?

You get where I’m going here. So, let’s stop the “missed free throw celebrations” before these pitiful parties spread to other sports.

I write more about the “missed free throw celebration” and other irritating things about sports in my FREE sports comic book called Wost About Sports.

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