MIKE Unveils New Sports Comic Book on Top 25 All-Time Favorite Nicknames in Sports

MIKE Top 25 Vol 1 Nicknames

Here’s the intro from my latest ebook available on Amazon about my top 25 nicknames in sports. My collection entertains readers with the genesis of each nickname and the history behind the athlete.

Each of the 25 chapters in the book begins with a clever and unique comic of the nicknamed athlete.

Enjoy the intro and click here to buy the book on Amazon and see if I included your favorite sports nickname.

…..from MIKE’s Top 25 intro on Favorite Sports Nicknames:

I’m absolutely crazy about clever nicknames! Who isn’t?

I grew up with Tiny – ironically the biggest kid in class.

I sought help on my math home work from Digits – who was great with numbers.

I could never muster the courage to kiss Cali, short for Caliente, the hottest girl in school.

And, I refused to allow Booger, for obvious reasons, to ever touch me.

Clever, unique nicknames say so much about people. They capture the essence of a person, a moment, a movement or even a city.

Nicknames can defy logic or make no sense at all, except when placed in context. For example, no one ever really saw the former Soviet Union’s feared Iron Curtain and no one I know actually heard the sound of the original Big Bang. But, we all understand what the names mean.

Reference places like Little Havana, The Big Easy or The Windy City and our mental GPS coordinates are set. Mention the Brits, Aussies and Yanks, and different English accents come to mind.

Here in the United States, Americans reference former presidents by numbers like 42 and 44 or by initials like F.D.R., J.F.K. and L.B.J. If Presidents misbehave, they’re assigned cheeky monikers like Tricky Dicky and Slick Willie, and everyone knows who and what we’re talking about.

In the world of entertainment, pop icons like Madonna and Gaga will more than likely get your groove on, while other curious cultural luminaries like Snooki and Snoop might turn it right off.

Nicknames are especially defining in sports, and there’s no shortage of them here in my list of my top 25 all-time nicknames in sports.

I spotlight the storied careers of a Helicopter and a Thorpedo and cater to food fans with references to chocolate, spices and cheese.

I entertain with recollections about basketball’s Human Highlight Reel and baseball’s Wizard of Oz.

In addition, I delve into size differences and contrast a Big Unit with a Pocket Hercules.

I appeal to those “spiritual” sports fans among you by recalling the prowess of the Minister of Defense.

And, I write about our favorite appliances like a refrigerator, a vacuum cleaner and a microwave.

Plus, I cover some not-so-well-behaved basketball players as well as hockey’s undisputed Great One, whose unfathomable resume on the ice trumps all other great ones in all other sports.

Remember, these are my top 25 all-time nicknames in sports. Enjoy them.

Yes, this is my list with my opinions and my personal picks.

If you disagree and want to share your favorite nickname in sports, then email me at mikeonsports@yahoo.com.

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!


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