MIKE Releases New Sports Comic Book on All-Time Hockey Favorites


Volume 7 of the MIKE Sports Comic Book Series focuses on my top 10 Hockey Favorites.

My choices include five legendary players, two immediately identifiable items you’ll only find in the sport of hockey, a Stanley Cup Champion with a creepy second job and the single greatest game in Olympic hockey history.

Each of my picks has made a positive impact on the sport and is worthy of being recognized by a clever illustration.

The five players on my list have always been fan favorites. Plus, the amazing 1980 Winter Olympics upset win still ranks as one of the most incredible moments in hockey history.

In this book, each of my top 10 Hockey Favorites includes a special sports comic. These comics capture the nickname of the player, team, unique box and manly machinery only found in this sport.

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!


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