MIKE Launches New Top 25 Series Book on Favorite Single Named Athletes

MIKE Top 25 Vol 2 Favorite Single Named

Throughout history singers, politicians, philosophers and spiritual leaders so impacted the societies of their day that a single name signaled their fame.

These single named icons were instantly known by a reference to their first or last name because a full name became unnecessary.

Down through the ages, spiritual leaders like Jesus and Mohammad never required a last name. Neither did famous philosophers like Plato and Aristotle or a pacifist like Gandhi.

Similarly, political dictators like Stalin and Hitler never needed a first name since last names were all we needed to identify them with the atrocities they committed.

Modern day entertainers reach the pinnacle of success when only one name is necessary for fans to equate them with their signature talent.

For example, hardly anyone can recite their last names, but everyone knows that Shakira can make you dance and Seinfeld can make you laugh.

And when it comes to Elvis, Madonna, Beyonce or Bono, all we need is one name to instantaneously identify these entertainers and belt out a few bars of one of their musical hits.

The world of sports is no different.

A simple name, whether first or last, constitutes celebrity. One name signals to sports fans everywhere that an athlete has arrived.

Mention his or her single name and someone, somewhere will start to rattle off statistics, count off career highlights and recall favorite all-time performances of the lone named individual.

For example, say Serena or Marta, and talk of women’s tennis and soccer will surface.

Or, reference last names Tebow and Bolt, and fans will more than likely break out into a Lighting Bolt pose or a Tebowing stance.

Conversely, sports fans know that Sweetness is not a candy bar, Magic is not a trick, Babe’s not a cute girl, Bird’s not an winged or feathered creature and Kobe’s not Japanese beef.

So, you don’t need to audible like Peyton or get locked in a double-choke hold by Hulk to enjoy this book.

We all know that like the previous athletes mentioned, there is only one Shaq, LeBron, Kareem, Wilt, Yogi, Messi, Tiger and Pele. Their stories and comics can be found in this book on favorite all-time Single Named Athletes for sports fans of all ages to enjoy.

Order the book now on Amazon.

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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