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MIKE on Sports! FREE sports comic booksThe FREE MIKE sports icons comic book series focuses on the top 10 famous athletes, teams and places in the Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles sports history.

I also offer another FREE sports comic titled Iconic Sports Venues.

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Iconic Sports VenuesIconic Sports Venues spotlights my favorite places in America to attend a game, regardless of the sport.

Because these iconic venues are steeped in tradition and offer their own unique contributions to sports history, they figure prominently on every sports fan’s bucket list – not just mine.

Upon entering their storied gates or walking through their hallowed hallways, sports fans immediately drink in the festive atmosphere and savor the fond memories housed within the famous arenas and stadiums chronicled in this book.

That’s because these prized institutions have hosted many of the most important American sporting events in the past century.

Here are my picks for my favorite iconic sports venues.

The storied Rose Bowl may be regarded as America’s most famous stadium, and few will argue.

This National Historic Landmark can be found in a gorgeous Southern California setting with the majestic San Gabriel Mountains hovering in the distance.

It has also served as stage for Super Bowls, college football championships, Olympic Games, World Cup matches and even a hugely popular monthly flea market.

My next pick acts as a double treat. Two successful college football programs call the ominously sounding Death Valley home.

These iconic sports venues are where rabid football fans cheer on their school’s nationally ranked teams in what can best be described as hostile, or deadly, conditions for the opposition.

College Basketball’s Iconic Sports Venues

Moving indoors, college basketball junkies beam whenever witnessing action inside these two hallowed halls of hoops.

Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium and Penn’s Palestra unquestionably rank as the two best old-school iconic sports venues for watching top level NCAA basketball games.

Chicago’s Iconic Sports Venues

The Windy City gifts avid sports fans with two beloved sports institutions. Chicago sports fans not only pay homage to our country’s fallen servicemen in the city’s spectacular lakeside location of Soldier Field. They also adore – and rightfully so – the friendly confines and ivy covered outfield walls of Wrigley Field.

Boston Boasts Two Venerable Venues

Boston boasts two of our nation’s most venerable venues. During their long and colorful histories, Fenway Park and the Old Boston Garden have each furnished the Hub City’s sports teams with excitement, and most importantly, plenty of championships.

New York City Hosts the Most Famous Sports Venues

Rounding out this FREE sports comic book, America’s biggest metropolitan area gives us the multi-billion dollar Yankee Stadium, a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly ballpark built directly across the street from its historic predecessor.

Further south in Manhattan, located right in the heart of the Big Apple, sits Madison Square Garden. This locale is deservedly called the “world’s greatest arena.” The recently renovated venue is actually the fourth Madison Square Garden in New York City history.

Lastly, in the bonus chapter, we visit the mecca of playground basketball – New York City’s acclaimed Rucker Park.

Iconic in its own unique way, Rucker Park closes out this book like a thundering slam dunk with pulsating music and panache, qualities that have made the urban venue so sublime!

Enjoy Iconic Sports Venues and feel free to share it with friends.

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Basketball footerBoston Sports Stars and LandmarksOver 200 years ago, Boston boasted its place as the cradle of American liberty.

But today, the city is celebrated as an American sports capitol.

To many sports fans, Boston is considered the greatest sports town in the United States. It has earned the enviable moniker by emerging as a sports mecca that produces Hall of Fame athletes and championship professional teams.

Once renowned for the revolutionary site of the Boston Tea Party and the courageous midnight ride of Paul Revere, Boston’s current popularity is rivaled by its retinue of noteworthy athletic accomplishments.

Boston sports fans proudly rave about title winning home town teams like the Celtics, the Bruins, the Red Sox and the Patriots.

Also rich in academia, this vibrant New England city lays claim to some of the most prestigious halls of higher learning. It has fathered Heads of State, Nobel Laureates and Captains of Industry.

Despite its historic, academic, political and business laurels, today’s Boston may still be better loved for its sports-centric culture.

The Hub City cherishes not only historic Faneuil Hall and the legendary Old North Church. With a regional pride that runs deep in athletics, it also venerates the hallowed sports venues of Fenway Park and the old Boston Garden.

To honor its rich sports heritage, I’ve penned this FREE sports comic book to acknowledge my top Boston Sports Icons.

The FREE book recognizes Boston’s most famous jocks as well as its most revered sports landmarks.

As a Boston sports lover, you will:

Remember the championship banners hanging from the rafters at the old Boston Garden and never forget the amazingly preserved environs of fabulous Fenway Park.

Read about the quick, diminutive Heisman Trophy winning quarterback and the big, beefy Dominican slugger who corned the market on DH awards in baseball.

Reminisce about the Beanpot, the most storied college hockey tournament of all-time, and ruminate over Heartbreak Hill, the running world’s most daunting and rarefied piece of real estate.

Recite the incredible football feats of a brilliant Ugg wearing QB named Brady who sports movie star looks and a supermodel wife.

Relive the glory days of the Celtics’ beloved basketball playing Bird.

Revel in the extraordinary feats of Red Sox immortal Carl Yastrzemski.

And, remember the Bruins’ incomparable Bobby Orr – the best professional hockey player Boston has ever produced.

Lastly, as a bonus, you’ll recall the self-serving antics of Boston’s most famous fictional athlete, Sam Malone, who surprisingly transformed into a national television celebrity.

Populated with clever comics and informative commentary, Boston Sports Icons is a wicked good read for every Boston sports lover.

Enjoy the FREE book, then, pass it along to a friend.

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New York Sports Stars and LandmarksIn addition to famous former mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, New York City boasts a colorful array of popular places and legendary landmarks. These include the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square, Broadway, the Diamond District, Mulberry Street, Madison Avenue and Wall Street.

The Big Apple also stands alone as an American sports metropolis.

It plays home to 10 major professional sports teams – two each in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and now MLS.

The city that never sleeps is proud of its storied sports history. Its rich sports heritage comprises Hall of Fame athletes, championship teams, historic venues and even a little known urban sports legend.

My new FREE sports comic book New York Sports Icons pays homage to the city’s most famous and most admired.

This book recalls Broadway Joe Namath’s bold Super Bowl prediction and Mark Messier’s audacious Stanley Cup proclamation.

New York Sports Icons remembers the World Series heroics of a Messrs. October and November.

It also spotlights the illustrious careers of Major League Baseball’s greatest player ever and the sport’s most colorful catcher.

New York Sports Icons pays tribute to two heroes. One unexpectedly walked down Madison Square Garden’s tunnel and inspired his NBA team, while the other courageously walked across racially divided lines to change the game of professional baseball forever.

This book honors the storied environs of one of Major League Baseball’s most respected stadiums and the midtown Manhattan sports venue billed as “the world’s most famous arena.”

New York Sports Icons even includes a bonus chapter on a New York City playground legend who is regarded as the greatest basketball player to NEVER suit up in an NBA uniform.

Whether you’re from New York City, or just wish you were, be sure to enjoy the read and share this FREE sports comic book with friends.

And don’t ever fuh getta bout it!

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baseball footerPhiladelphia Sports Stars and LandmarksSince the Declaration of Independence was signed here in 1776, the City of Brotherly Love has nurtured a rich and diverse heritage.

The home town of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall has also become synonymous with the birthplace of Chubby Checker’s twist and Pat Olivieri’s world famous cheese steaks.

Plus, other noteworthy Philadelphia foods have garnered national attention like Tastykakes, Italian hoagies and soft pretzels.

Legendary flag maker Betsy Ross’ name still stands as the city’s most historically celebrated. But, like the Founding Fathers who signed the United States Constitution in Philadelphia, Ross’ name is now mentioned in the same breath as other famous Philadelphians.

Dick Clark, W.C. Fields, Frankie Avalon, Will Smith, Grace Kelly, Pink, Boyz II Men, Tina Fey, Bradley Cooper and Richard Gere have all risen from Philly roots to international entertainment stardom.

Sports heroes have also afforded Philadelphia a rich heritage that rivals the celebrated of other great American cities.

In Philadelphia Sports Icons, I feature my favorite sports legends, beloved teams and cherished venues that have provided a common bond for this diverse, vibrant city.

The most dominating player in NBA history, whose very presence prompted universal rule changes in the game of basketball, soars into the first chapter of this book.

Blitzing into the next chapter is the NFL’s late Minister of Defense; he’s probably the most admired and successful football player in Philadelphia Eagles history.

The Cathedral of College Basketball comes next. It’s hosted more NCAA basketball games than any other arena in the country.

A former chubby NBA Hall of Fame player turned broadcasting superstar commands a colorful chapter all his own.

This Philadelphia Sports Icons book also revisits the improbable run of the 1985 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions – the Villanova Wildcats.

A mature boxer who evaded a life of crime follows next. I chronicle his flamboyant entry into the ring and his weight class domination even at a surprisingly advanced age.

With both front teeth missing, a diabetic quickly skates into the book as the city’s most beloved and decorated hockey player.

Next, a seriously chiseled third baseman steps up to the plate. This Hall of Fame slugger spent his entire career sporting a Phillies uniform.

Another amazing basketball player swoops into the book, too. He’s known for effortlessly flying above the hardwood where he operated so brilliantly with a basketball, instead of a surgeon’s scalpel, in his hand.

My #1 choice in Philadelphia Sports Icons also ranks as perhaps the most hated team in hockey history.

But, the two-time Stanley Cup champion can never be overlooked. The team embodied the toughness and brawn of this working class city situated between the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers.

As a bonus, this book culminates with a chapter about the most famous fictional athlete of all-time. He’ll undoubtedly inspire you to run up a few flights of steps while pumping your arms in euphoria.

Enjoy my FREE sports comic book Philadelphia Sports Icons.

Feel free to share it with friends.

Write me at if you think one of your favorite Philadelphia athletes or icons should have been included in this book.

So, grab a soft pretzel or order a cheese steak and start reading!

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Chicago Sports Stars and LandmarksThe city of Chicago boasts a bounty of immediately recognizable icons.

Fabulous food, fantastic edifices and even famous felons combine to form Chicago’s lore as one of America’s greatest cities.

Visitors to the Windy City will crave delicious all-beef hot dogs, cheesy deep dish pizza and premium sizzling steaks.

They’ll marvel at the chic neighborhood streets, the gorgeous downtown Miracle Mile and the stratospheric Sears Tower overlooking this marvelous Midwestern mecca.

They’ll speculate about all the nefarious activities of two colorful Chicago personalities: former Mayor Richard J. Daley and legendary gangster Al Capone.

Plus, they’ll quickly discover that in addition to the Hostess Twinkie, Uno’s Pizza, Portillo’s Hot Dogs, Lawry’s Prime Rib and Wrigley Chewing Gum, Chicagoans proudly pay homage to their share of incredible sports icons, too.

Chicago Sports Icons highlights the city’s beloved sports venues and lionizes its favorite athletic sons.

In my FREE sports comic book, you’ll…..

Wince at the “hurtful” memory of this bruising hitter’s bat connecting with the baseball during Chicago White Sox games.

Smile at some epic eating stories synonymous with this extra large and extra likeable former Chicago Bear.

Cherish this legendary, lakeside stadium honoring the fallen who have honorably served our nation.

Marvel recalling the incomparable speed and killer slap shot this speedy left wing Chicago Blackhawk possessed.

Shiver thinking about the violent tackles this Hall of Fame linebacker delivered while wearing a Bears uniform.

Chuckle remembering the excellent play and brazen trash talk uttered by former Hall of Fame Chicago Bears’ tight end and then coach.

Ponder reliving the incredible sportsmanship this lifetime Chicago Cub displayed in spite of never playing in an MLB post season in his illustrious 19-year career.

Shake your head in wonder over the astonishing accomplishments of perhaps Chicago’s most talented and “sweet” football player.

Beam with pride over the six NBA Championships this outer-worldly, gravity defying basketball player brought to the Windy City.

Bask in the festive baseball environment of the city’s neighborhood stadium fondly referred to as The Friendly Confines.

And, in the book’s bonus chapter, bristle at Chicago’s most vilified sports fan.

Remember, the book is FREE. Don’t let the Chicago Cubs’ limerick “Wait ‘til Next Year” influence you.

Enjoy Chicago Sports Icons NOW and share it with others.

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Los Angeles Sports Stars and LandmarksRich in ethnic diversity and abounding in natural beauty, Southern California’s City of Angels is recognized as one of the world’s greatest tourist destinations and most sought out places to live.

Los Angeles offers a cornucopia of delights to both native Angelinos and visitors alike.

The megalopolis’ miles of coastline, gorgeous weather, star-studded inhabitants and proximity to mountains are only part of its allure.

Los Angeles’ generous cultural and entertainment offerings combine to woo visitors as well as satiate denizens who call it home.

In addition to Hollywood headliners, Los Angeles has also birthed a second stable of stars in the world of sports.

You may not find these choices among the 2,500+ brass and terrazzo stars that line Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame.

However, these sports celebrities are rightfully featured here in my FREE sports comic book Los Angeles Sports Icons.

Highlighted is a transplanted former British soccer player with an aromatic nickname who won two MLS Cups in the City of Angels.

Celebrated are three of the greatest female athletes ever who have positively impacted their sports for generations to come.

Memorialized as America’s greatest outdoor sports stadium, this recently restored historic venue rests in a stunning natural setting.

Immortalized by a simple regal nickname, this hockey hero won an unlikely world championship in a winter sport in the sunny, warm environs of Southern California.

And, extolled by sports fans around the globe, four basketball players and one iconic team are prominently featured in this book for their excellence on the court and their influence away from it.

Enjoy Los Angeles Sports Icons.

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