A LeBron James Post NBA Finals Rest Is Warranted – For Sports Fans!

Miami Heat star LeBron JamesAn eagerly anticipated LeBron James post NBA Finals rest is warranted – for sports fans!

Sure, the five-time NBA MVP and three-time NBA champion is more than likely exhausted from advancing with the Cleveland Cavaliers once again to the NBA Finals.

But, just think how fatigued NBA fans have become.

We can’t pick up a newspaper, turn on a television, look at our phone or log onto the internet without being constantly bombarded by news about LeBron James.

An onslaught of LeBron James media coverage begun during the King’s days in Miami when he wore #6 (see above comic) and hasn’t stopped upon his triumphal return to Cleveland.

Like so many NBA fans, I feel, at times, as if I’ve been buried under an avalanche of LeBron James coverage that simply won’t relent.

Without doubt, James has been the best basketball player on the planet for the past several years as we’ve been repeatedly reminded by sportswriters, sportscasters, players, coaches and fans about a billion times.

Yet, do we need to know every detail about this guy’s life? Give the man some privacy and give us sports fans a rest.

Post Dramatic LeBron James Overload

Am I the only NBA fan who’s suffering post dramatic LeBron James overload?

Not only do I really admire the guy from what I can glean from his interviews and demeanor on television, but I respect him for having been the the game’s best player for the past several years. He’s absolutely fun to watch.

However, the ubiquitous LeBron James is just too everywhere, all-the-time for me!

Sorry, sponsors, but I’m not going to buy a new Kia simply because I see a commercial with LeBron behind the wheel. I’m not going to plunk down a wad of cash for Beats headphones because #23 in a Cavs uniform wears them. And, I’m won’t give up my can of Coke because the King drinks Sprite.

You get where I’m going because you probably feel the same way, too.

Give basketball fans a break. A post NBA Finals Lebron James rest is absolutely warranted for sports fans.

Even though you’ve never met me, I need a rest from you. Please find an island, go incognito, hole up in your house with your wonderful family, visit another planet and become the best player there or just disappear for awhile.

Some sports fans like me have had enough. No disrespect, but we don’t need to know what you drink, how you train, where you are with your kids, what you promote and how overpriced your next Nike shoes will be.

Take a break after the Golden State Warriors close out your Cleveland Cavaliers this weekend and allow sports fans to rest – from you!
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