MIKE Publisher Maura Sweeney

MIKE Publisher - Maura Sweeney

Anybody who’s serious about his passion benefits from a partner in life who shares it. In this case it’s MIKE publisher Maura Sweeney.

Jim’s partner is his wife Maura, the former bookworm, advocate & strong-willed personality he met while at Boston College in 1977.

Maura’s unwavering belief that people must follow what they love became the driving force in encouraging her husband out of a successful business and into the pursuit of his dream.

As Publisher of MIKE’s books, blogs, animated shorts and podcast, Maura Sweeney makes certain that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. Also, Maura insures that MIKE never steps over the line in one of his nutty and / or poignant rants.

Here’s more about Maura…

Are you “Living Happy – Inside Out”?

Maura Sweeney inspires others to do just that!

A former decorated corporate manager and home schooling mom, Maura enjoys Life Re-imagined™ as a 21st century cultural journalist who has carved out her own unique lifestyle business.

Passionate about people and finding what’s best in us all, Maura is an international speaker, Huffington Post contributor, popular iTunes podcaster and frequent radio guest.

iTunes - MIKE on sports podcastMaura’s been featured in multiple media outlets that include the Match.com, Midlife Boulevard and Britain’s BBC radio.

A graduate of Boston College who has traveled to over 50 countries, Maura conveys timeless inspiration to help others discover their own happiness in life and career – from the inside out.

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