International Opposites Day: Peyton Manning and Cam Newton

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For today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog, I’m calling an audible about Super Bowl 50 QB’s Peyton Manning and Cam Newton.

That’s right, as savvy QB’s do at the line of scrimmage, I’m veering from the way I normally do things to compose today’s blog about numbers 18 and 1 to celebrate this week’s little known international holiday.

For the uninformed out there, yesterday marked International Opposites Day. It’s a designated 24 hour of time in which participants are encouraged to do things entirely differently than normally accustomed.

However, I think the timing to celebrate International Opposites Day could not have been more fortuitous for football fans.

Considering all the press surrounding Super Bowl 50’s starting quarterbacks Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos and Cam Newton of the Charlotte Panthers, my 2 Cent Tuesday blog should be deemed highly appropriate for this peculiar holiday.

That’s because it extols the wonderful differences of two popular, but polar opposite quarterbacks who ironically share and demonstrate the same level of excellence as leaders and All-Pro athletes.

NFL QB Peyton Manning

Besides the obvious differences in age and race, let’s take a closer look at what football fans observe about these highly profile passers:

Peyton Manning          Cam Newton

ah, shucks grin           mega-watt smile

modest & measured    electric & flamboyant

pocket passer             read-option threat

a bit hobbled              no visible chicks in armor

5X NFL MVP                certain 2015 1st time MVP

iceberg quick              insane athletic

humble demeanor       self-aggrandizing showman

weary wobbly armed    cocky Gunslinger

Super Bowl Champ       prodigy knocking-on-the-door

Pick your QB.

They may both be as dissimilar as the Broncos’ garish orange uniforms and the Panthers’ regal blue and black jerseys.

They may be as different as the Mile High City of Denver and the Queen City of Charlotte.

And, they may be as opposite their personal musical preferences of country and hip-hop.

But, make no mistake. Peyton Manning and Cam Newton are alike in that they’ve both led their teams to Super Bowl 50 in the most unlikely ways.

Acknowledging this week’s International Opposites Day, that’s my 2 cents about two quintessentially opposite quarterbacks.

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