Hypocrisy: JayZ, Michelle Obama & Hillary Rodham Clinton


I realize this is a sports blog.

However, my cup of angst has burbled up, spilled over and is compelling me to write this article about JayZ, Michelle Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I want to address a national hypocrisy that’s become clearly evident during this year’s presidential election campaign.

Last month, First Lady Michelle Obama excoriated Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump for his vulgar language and misogynistic behavior directed toward women.

Trump’s words and attitude were inexcusable, and you won’t find me supporting them in any way.

To the contrary, I applauded our nation’s First Lady for eloquently exposing them.

So, why is Michelle Obama silent today?

Why isn’t she delivering another impassioned speech, but this time directed at Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton for campaigning last night at a concert in Cleveland, Ohio featuring hip hop mogul JayZ?

Are we now to assume that the same Mrs. Obama supports the Democratic nominee stumping with a man who has made a fortune pimping the same vile language and boorish behavior she just recently decried?

Our First Lady’s silence and Hillary Clinton’s cozying up to JayZ are incredibly insincere, even laughable. Have they both given the music artist a free pass? Are they refusing to hold him to the same standard as their political party’s primary opponent? Does their refusal to speak up passively condone JayZ’s music?

The ladies’ behavior, or lack there of, smacks of total hypocrisy to me.

Shawn Corey Carter – aka JayZ

Since his first album in 1996, Shawn Corey Carter – aka JayZ – has flexed his recording muscle in ways now sadly reflective of our fractured culture.

America has given JayZ and other miscreant musical artists carte blanche to poison our minds and those of our growing sons and daughters.

Sadly, we’ve blindly excused these entertainers, cowardly giving them unfettered access to our culture.

Today, JayZ is often celebrated in the boardrooms of corporate sponsorship giants who now shamefully tolerate his wretched rhymes.

I encourage readers to delve into JayZ’s recording history. Determine whether his songs represent what we as Americans should accept in our nation’s culture.

Investigate for yourself and discover that JayZ and his wife Beyonce don’t lullaby their child Blue Ivy to bed each night with the rapper’s licentious lyrics.

Why Hasn’t Michelle Obama Spoken Up?

But, why hasn’t Michelle Obama spoken up about the hip hop artist’s misogynistic lyrics with the same fervor as she did only last week against Donald Trump?

Furthermore, why haven’t Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and others in the media publicly acknowledged the downward, guttural pull of lyrics like those of JayZ’s referring to women as “b#tches” and “h#es” and seasoning his songs with ample “F” bombs and “N” word references.

Are our current First Lady Michelle Obama and potential future President Hillary Rodham Clinton comfortable with rhymes like “That’s My B#tch” (from JayZ’s 2011 Watch the Throne album) or “2 Many H#es” from his (2002 The Blueprint 2: The Gift and Curse)? Perhaps they even like “Money Cash H#es” from JayZ’s (1998 Hard Knock Life album).

Professional sports leagues, businesses and universities are all embarking upon a new era of social oversight.

Zero tolerance for inappropriate language has rightfully become a rallying cry. Even NBA superstar LeBron James admirably voiced his disdain last month about lyrics and language that demean, degrade and dismissively portray women.

Americans should no longer give hip hop artist JayZ a free pass.

Neither should Michelle Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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