Friday Sports Funny: Coach Pleading Case with Umpire

MIKE Sports Comic: Coach Pleading Case with Umpire

Today’s Friday Sports Funny depicts the obvious as a baseball coach is frantically pleading his case with an umpire.

In spite of the large LCD screen in the background showing a clear replay of what just transpired on the field, it does not appear as if the judge, er umpire, is being persuaded to see what the coach had seen.

Ironically, the home plate umpire pays no heed to the coach’s defense and lifts a red mallet to pronounce his verdict.

Major League Baseball Needs a Review Policy

Until Major League Baseball enacts a reasonable review policy like the NFL and NBA, the scene depicted in this comic will always yield the same predictable result.

A baseball coach can passionately and correctly plead his case with the umpire.

However, in the case of Major League Baseball action, unlike an NFL or NBA official, the ump’s original ruling will always stand!

The pleading coach in this comic demonstrates that when it comes to baseball, the umpire is the judge, jury and prosecuting attorney – and he’s always right.

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So, thank you.

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