Friday Sports Funny: Team Has Lots of Weapons

MIKE Sports Comic: Team Has Lots of WeaponsToday’s Friday Sports Funny lampoons sports media’s growing trend of politically correct reporting.

My intent is not to debate our country’s Second Amendment rights on gun ownership or take sides on whether the Washington Redskins team name should be banished from all NFL vocabulary. Nor am I arguing whether Christmas Basketball Tournaments should forever be renamed Holiday Tournaments.

However, the purpose of my writing is to demonstrate how some PC Police seek to squelch free speech and legislate our language in discussing sports.

As a result of their efforts, timeless sports adages and old-school cliches have now become extinct. They’ve been replaced by politically correct, watered down versions certain designed not to offend those most likely to be offended by just about everything in life.

The PC Police Have Infiltrated Sports Media

Whether left or right leaning in their political beliefs, all sports fans can agree that the PC Police have infiltrated sports media.

PC Police propose to expunge any semblance of sports media reporting that they feel is too Judeo Christian, too Anglo American, too heterosexual, too traditional, too male oriented, too warlike, too violent, too judgmental and too old school that may upset the three Little Lord Fontlaroys out of 320 million Americans who think all of Western Civilization has conspired to discriminate against them.

Here’s an example of a sports comic entitled “The Team Has Lots of Weapons.” Since the PC crews want to protect our little ones from any potentially heinous comic showing real fictional weapons, I’ve drafted the above comic to demonstrate the absurdity of the times. This armed and dangerous expression is readily apparent in the comic.

The police of political correctness probably appreciate my keeping real weapons out this image. However, the point is evident.

Even though depicted as a computer virus, water balloon or good old stink bomb, the soccer team in this comic has lots of weapons, indeed.

Hope the ACLU doesn’t excoriate me for calling a stink bomb a stink bomb instead of a malodorous tool or whatever politically correct, nonsensical term they expect us to utilize, so that we don’t possibly offend anyone.

Straight talk. No static.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

MIKE Sports Comic: Soccer Footer

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