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Spitting in Baseball

Spitting in Baseball

Sports comics and funny sports blogs are the perfect fit for the entertainment seeking fan. That’s why I’ve compiled my favorite funny sports blogs into a new FREE sports comic book.

Like burgers and fries, cookies and cream or Stockton and Malone, the clever sports combination of comics and funny blogs instantly attracts readers. That’s why fans of my articles and books have encouraged me to write more about the humorous side of sports.

They’ve asked me to lampoon the obvious. Expose the exaggerated. And, call on the carpet the irritating, the ridiculous and the flat out funny. Plus, they’ve called for a collection of my 10 best blogs from the past few years.

So, I’ve compiled them in this sports comic book.

FREE MIKE Vol 9 Funny Sports BlogsAn inventive comic accompanies each chapter. It gives reason to ponder my presumptions about the preposterous or to unleash a belly laugh about the ludicrous.

Enjoy my musings about a proposed ban on spitting in baseball.

Sign the petition to get rid of grunting in women’s tennis and ban the blatant adjusting of the fellas in baseball.

Plead with our President for change – on his alligator push shot that he believes is a sweet stroking jumper.

Scorn the missed free throw celebration in basketball and the overly dramatic displays of flopping in international soccer.

Scowl at Notre Dame’s mascot – the Lilliputian Leprechaun.

Shake your head at a Major League Baseball Hall of Famer’s head scratching Yogi-isms.

And lastly, deplore Twitter.

Enjoy the read and laugh loudly.

Just like Abbott and Costello, cheese and crackers or ESPN’s Mike and Mike, sports comics and favorite funny sports blogs are a splendid combination.

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