Friday Sports Funny: A Really Young Football Team

MRO 47 Young TeamToday’s Friday Sports Funny brings to life another overused sports expression.

In this case, the comic features a supposed “really young football team.”

For how often sportscasters brandish this term, just once I’d actually like to see cameras zero in on a “really young football team” as pictured above.

Now, that would be funny!

The baby faced players on this team are apparently unfazed by the more mature football team looming on the horizon. Four are huddling to draw up a play, while a fifth opts to snuggle with his teddy bear.

However, football fans would never witness a scene of diaper clad toddlers wearing football helmets on an actual NFL or NCAA football field.

Yet, the really young team in this Friday Sports Funny figuratively depicts confident players on NFL teams comprised of several rookies or NCAA teams made up of lots of underclassmen.

Their demeanor shows that their youth and inexperience doesn’t faze them.

Regardless of their size and age, really young teams armed with skill and confidence never become intimidated by bigger, stronger and more experienced opponents.

According to SB Nation, the St. Louis Rams are the youngest team in the NFL with an average age of 24.94 years. It’s the fourth year in a row that the Rams have held this distinction.

The Rams have been committed to building their organization through the NFL Draft process and have amassed a very young team with excellent potential.

Hope the Rams comport themselves like these little Packers players clad in red diapers and don’t allow their age and inexperience to preclude them from competing against more seasoned NFL squads.

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