2 Cent Tuesday: Fighting Father Time in Sports

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog highlights a chapter excerpt from my sports comic book Confusing Things in Sports.

It’s about athletes foolishly continuing to compete against Father Time.

Here’s Chapter #2 from the book.

His stats are impressive.

From time immemorial, his record remains unblemished.

And, quietly, he’s posted an unrivaled unbeaten record in every sport.

Though many athletes, including Hall of Fame icons, have risen to challenge him, no one has ever emerged victoriously.

Father Time stands undefeated, and this old guy shows no sign of relinquishing his perfect record.

Incredulously, many have tried to defeat him, but none have ever prevailed. Father Time remains resolute. He’s strengthened by the knowledge that no one will ever beat him.

Despite his superiority, some still try.

That’s what confuses me and that’s why Father Time easily settles into the #2 spot in Confusing Stuff in Sports. Click on the red cover below to buy from Amazon.

Confusing Stuff in SportsAs illustrious careers start to dim, some athletes insist on trudging on in a sport that they once so easily dominated. What are these aging athletes thinking when they go toe-to-toe with the ageless man named Father Time?

Are their egos that big? Has overweening pride clouded their thoughts? Did their own limelight disorient them?

Sadly, too many pro athletes lose grasp of reality and continue to play the same sport after enjoying long, injury free, successful careers.

Many sports fans claim that their heroes’ egos always need to be tested.

They argue that these stars possess an overwhelming unction to compete against the best – even if he’s Father Time himself.

That’s why they do what they do even when their actions seem confusing or foolhardy.

Take hockey icon Gordie Howe. He skated admirably against Father Time for five decades. But, he eventually lost, finding himself checked right off the ice at age 52.

Hockey great Gordie Howe

Ageless QB Brett Favre courageously fought Father Time in a brutal sport. Inevitably Favre succumbed to Father Time, suffering from chronic injuries and, more importantly, listening to common sense.

Even the indomitable Michael Jordan took a shot at the undefeated old man known as Father Time. Despite his former prowess, Jordan met the same consequence. Instead of the brilliant basketball player effortlessly rising above the rim, His Airness ultimately looked like a struggling, aging baller tethered to the hardwood floor below.

Former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan

Sadly, our sports heroes eventually display their humanity. Living on athletic borrowed time, these proven athletes can no longer outrace their fleeting mortality.

Tomfoolery beckons many to continue. It constantly woos them into believing they will be the first to defeat Father Time.

They may be confused to believe the endless adulation from fans as well as the poppycock of their own purported immortality in sports.

But, they’re even more foolish to think they can prevail against undefeated and universally unchallenged Father Time.

And, that’s my 2 cents!

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