Cheeseheads or Green Bay Packers Fans: Best NFL Nickname

MIKE Comic 81 CheeseheadsBecause of NFL franchise QB Aaron Rodgers’ lingering injury, the Green Bay Packers have not enjoyed the stellar 2013 season that their faithful fans, or Cheeseheads, had originally expected.

However, Green Bay supporters, or Cheeseheads, have continued to demonstrate unrivaled loyalty for their team in spite of the Pack’s struggles during this NFL season.

Whether you’re a Packers’ fan or not, allow me to highlight one of my neatest NFL memories and best NFL nickname – Cheeseheads – with an excerpt from my FREE football comic book

Originally meant as an insult, the Cheesehead nickname now ranks as one of the highest forms of professional football flattery.

In 1987, Chicago Bears fans believed they were mocking Green Bay Packer rivals from the dairy state of Wisconsin.

Their intended Cheesehead jab only churned the seeds of fan loyalty and Wisconsinites proudly adopted the label.

Since the creation of the Cheesehead in 1987, the Packers have continued their success on the field. The Pack won Super Bowl XXXI in 1996 behind legendary QB Brett Favre. And, in 2011 they won Super Bowl XLV behind QB Aaron Rodgers.

In America’s dairy land, cheese production, championship seasons and famous Lambeau leap touchdown celebrations continue today.

And, to the disappointment of mocking Chicago Bears fans, so does Wisconsin’s pride in being called a Green Bay Packer Cheesehead.

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