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As the ultimate talking head on sports, MIKE shares his fun, witty and informative take on sports in a regular sports blog, 36 sports comic books and a popular podcast.

MIKE is destined to become the first ever animated brand to transcend all sports. However, for now, enjoy his blogs, books and podcast.

Here’s some important info on MIKE:

     Occupation – a talking head on sports!

     Date of Birth – April 1st

     Height – 12″ /  Weight – 4 lbs.

     Ethnicity – Titanium American

     Political – Independent Republicrat

     Religion – Absolutely!


MIKE’s bucket list:

Receive an ESPY Award for best new idea in sports!

Guest host ESPN Sports Center

Appear on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning.

Sell one million MIKE Sports Comic Books.

Interview Lebron James, Peyton Manning and Lionel Messi.

Celebrate my own MIKE bobblehead day at Yankee Stadium.

Meet other famous “Mikes” like Jordan, Wilbon, Phelps, Trout, etc.

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MIKE’s smart sports humor coming to:

Sports sites on the web in addition to www.theemike.com

Television as an on-air talent

Jumbotrons as in-game entertainment

More sports comic books

More MIKE on sports podcast

Footer SportsAlso, please note that on this site and throughout all of the MIKE Sports Comic Books, several names, teams, leagues and events are underlined and highlighted in blue.

As a convenience, you can click on the links and be immediately connected to sports related sites for products that specifically pertain to the athlete, team, play or event referenced.

You can find a Fat Head, an EA Sports video game, a Lids hat or an NFL jersey of your favorite player or team as well as locate sports memorabilia of your favorite sports moment, player or team. Or, you can even check out merchandise at Champs or soccer.com.

In the event you make a purchase on any of these sports related sites, we earn a small commission. So, thank you in advance.

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