A Super Bowl 50 Story to Trump All Others

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Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog spotlights what I believe is the best story surrounding this weekend’s Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, CA.

No, it’s not about Denver Broncos’ QB Peyton Manning’s probable swan song.

Nor does it concern Carolina Panthers’ QB Cam Newton’s flamboyant attire or anticipated showboating.

And, it won’t even center on the spectacular new Levi Stadium and the unprecedented technology it will showcase during the sports world’s biggest single event in television history.

That’s because the Super Bowl 50 story to trump all others focuses an incredibly generous gift of thanks, about which, the giver won’t even comment.

For the second time in Carolina Panthers history, the team is going to a Super Bowl and franchise owner Jerry Richardson is footing the bill for his entire organization to witness the big game in person.

That’s right! Just like in 2004, all the executives, salaried employees and interns in Richardson’s Panthers organization are headed to Santa Clara’s spectacular new Levi Stadium on his dime.

Generous Jerry’s only quote about his magnanimous move was to say in a prepared statement on the team’s website, “Our going to the Super Bowl would not be possible without harmony and a complete team effort.”


Knight him now! Crown him King of the Carolinas! Give him a speedy pass to Sainthood.

Richardson’s gesture put his own money where his mouth is. His generosity, coupled with a incredible leadership statement to value and recognize those who have contributed to his franchise’s success, overwhelms me.

Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and other deep pocketed, but tightly fisted pro sports team owners need to take note.

This is how you reward your organization.

What reasonable, smart individual wouldn’t want to work for a guy like Jerry Richardson?

Whether his Panthers win Sunday’s big game or not makes no difference to me or countless other football fans.

That’s because Richardson is already a big winner, and his incredible story rightfully trumps all others surrounding Super Bowl 50.

Now, that’s my 2 cents.

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