Friday Sports Funny: Play Took Crowd Out of Game

MRO 35 Play Took Crowd OutToday’s Friday Sports Funny – his play took the crowd out of the game – features a very telling sports comic.

The comic proves that actions speak louder than words whether on an NFL, NCAA or high school football field.

As depicted in the comic above, a fantastic play on the football field not only silenced the crowd in the stands, but ironically removed them entirely from the football stadium.

All that remains is a fallen “Home of the Bears” banner draped across the empty seats once filled by Bears fans.

It appears as if the Tigers’ #6 tackle not only took the Bears’ ball carrier out of the play, but his remarkable action (he wasn’t even seen in the previous image) helped remove the Bears fans from the stadium, too.

Incredible plays like this are exciting to watch because they can swing momentum in a game, stop an opponents touchdown drive or score swiftly and unexpectedly

Sure, this may only be a comic. But, the two panel image also teaches a great lesson for sports fans and athletes of any age.

Silence Your Critics and Take Crowd Out of Game

Namely, if you want to silence the critics in your crowd, make sure you allow your positive actions do all the talking.

You might even make it on ESPN Sports Center.

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